Boulder, Colorado is a very unique place, with a rich, diverse culture. It is often mis-understood, maligned and bashed. There are many elements of Boulder that are undeniably positive: the foothills, CU, the Pearl Street Mall, free thoughts, expression, healthy lifestyles and more. A few not so positive elements exist as well:  elitist sentiment if you do not conform to their social norms, spandex clad bikers who believe they own the road even though they pay absolutely nothing to utilize it; pedestrians who step out into the street and expect you to slam to a halt regardless of how close you were when they decided to push the button in the crosswalk, overutilization of choice terms such as "urbanistic", "downsizing", "organic", just to name a few. Add to that the reserved parking spots for alternative fuel vehicles and I could scream.  I visit Boulder daily and notice more and more details during each visit and will share them here.